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About Us

We do a number of different things.  Running, Rowing, Indoor Cycling and Outdoor Workouts.  We also offer one to one personal training on our covered deck.  We are currently a team of 2.   
Karen Haley
Personal Fitness and Pilates Trainer 


I really love fitness!!  I am really lucky to enjoy a high level of fitness myself and have lots of expertise in this area.  I have run many marathons and ultra-marathons, including the Marathon Des Sables in the Sahara desert and The Jungle Marathon in the Amazon Jungle, Brazil!! Both were 6 Marathons over 6 days in extreme heat!  Over the last few years, I have also done 2 Ironman Races. 


I was in the British Age-group team for Triathlon and Duathlon. I have been on the podium a few times!


I have been teaching exercise all my working life. I used to own a small fitness studio in Seer Green for six years, I practiced Sports Massage for around 25 years!

Currently, I do mostly personal training. Either on the Pilates Reformer or normal PT using weights. I also do a small amount of work with very small groups.

When the weather is warm, we move outside, during the colder months I use my air-conditioned warm studio.

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